Our Advanced Placement (AP) courses prepare high school students to take the International AP exams. High scores on these tests may enable students to earn early college credit. Many four-year colleges in the United States and abroad will give students credit, advanced course placement, or both, depending on the individual college’s policies. In addition, these courses enable our students to enroll for College Board’s SAT and ACT exams.

What is AP?AP or Advanced Placement Program is a three-year sequence of high school course work offered by the College Board in over 34 subject areas. The idea behind offering AP courses is to provide college-bound high school seniors with a level academic playing field. You see, it doesn’t matter whether you are a high school student in Dubuque, Iowa, or Darien, Connecticut, AP courses and the end of course examinations are the same wherever they are offered. The course content is the same. The teaching objectives are the same. The preparation for the final examinations is the same. Because the standard is the same everywhere and the final examinations are proctored and graded by the College Board, college admissions professionals are able to compare student academic achievements with confidence. They know exactly what AP means when they see it on your transcript. They know exactly what your AP scores represent.

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