Osprey Academy

Osprey Academy is a program developed by Ankara Universal with the cooperation of our American partners in the United States, to bring American curriculum and certification to our K12 students either face-to-face at our premises or online.

High School Diploma

If you have been looking for an American face-to-face or online school, you can enroll in Osprey Academy and pursue a high school diploma.

Our curriculum will take you from grade one through grade twelve.

Double Certificate

Students are registered in the American schools in the united states, and earn their certificates and diploma directly from the United States, while Face-to-face students earn an additional certificate and diploma from the ministry of education in Turkey.

Osprey Academy is an American Education Program developed by Ankara Universal in cooperation with our American partners, registered students can attend our face to face classes at our Academy in Ankara, or join the online classes for international students.


Accelerate Academy / Arizona – USA
Osprey International School / New York – USA

Elementary School Program

Grades 1-5

Elementary School Program is a face-to-face, or full online education for students ranging from 1st through 5th grade.

The elementary school years are a time of immense cognitive growth for a child as well as often the child’s first experience with formal education. In Osprey Academy’s program, you will find highly qualified teachers as well as the best electronic resources & tools paired together to not only help the student learn effectively, but to help cultivate a passion for learning at an early age.

Students enrolled in our Elementary School Program will take a total of 5 credits throughout the school year. Each student will take 4 credits of their grade level appropriate core classes, including English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, to learn the important foundations of these core subjects, along with 1 credit worth of electives for enrichment purposes.

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Middle School Program

Grades 6-8

Middle School Program provides a face-to-face or online education for students in grades 6th through 8th. Students enrolled in this program will take a total of 6 credits throughout the school year for the face-to-face program, which translates to about 6 classes, and 5 credits for the online program.

In our program, we give students more responsibility as well as more work in their online courses than was previously given in our elementary school courses. This allows the student to acquire the necessary learning habits and time management skills that will be useful for a successful transition into high school and further education.

This program is designed to help students understand their learning strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly with the nurturing help of their assigned teachers. Overall, middle school is a time of exploration where many students begin to discover who they are and their interests. Osprey Academy’s comprehensive, and flexible Middle School Program provides the time and resources for students to begin their journey of self-exploration.

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Grades 9-12

High School Program is a face-to-face or self-paced, flexible, and success-driven full-time online education for students ranging from 9th through 12th grade. Students enrolled in our high school can expect to take 6 credits a school year depending upon credits needed to earn a diploma as well as student preference.

Our High School Program provides flexibility and ease while allowing students the opportunity to personalize their education.

Through our courses and through the guidance of our dedicated instructors, students in this program will reach a new level of independent thinking, responsibility, and confidence that will stick with them beyond Osprey Academy!

Additionally, students who complete this program will earn an accredited U.S. high school diploma that will be recognized by worldwide colleges.

We hope you consider joining our high school!

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